7 ways to maintain your natural hair.

7ways to maintain your natural hair.
I can see most people scared on how to maintain their natural hair without giving them problem. Let me tell you it  is not that easy to keep natural hair glowing. But to make it easy you have to do some routine management on it. Here, I will Highlights you on how to maintain your natural hair without much stress. And a video is applied to it to give you more explanation on how to keep your natural hair glowing. When you go through this article, it will be easier for you to maintain your hair by yourself.

Keep your hair simple.
I know this sounds easy for an intro and it is, do keep it simple. There has always been this notion that natural hair requires high-maintenance, and while it does require time and patience, you don’t necessarily need a complicated regiment or apply all the products in this world to maintain a healthy head of natural hair. A good and consistent regiment consisting of a shampoo, conditioners and essential oils is fantastic and simple. Now you might be thinking “It can’t be that simple, can it?” Yes darling, it can and it is. Keep it simple. 

Keep it moisturized
I cannot stress how important this is. Dry and brittle hair is the number one cause for breakage, so regardless of how much time and energy you choose to put into your hair, the most important thing to remember is to keep your roots and strands moisturized. How do you keep your hair moisturized you ask? Well, the best one is free: WATER. Water is your friend as a naturalista and you must embrace it. Our tresses thrive so much more in moisture rich environments and H2O is one of the best ways to quench its thirst. Get a spray bottle and introduce your mornings with a little spray (not damp) to refresh your curls, and do the same at night. I also recommend any moisturizing conditioner of your choice, like shea butter or one of my personal favorites; Curl Control by Beautiful Textures. Incorporating the LOC method into your regiment will do wonders for maintaining moisture throughout the day. Do this and your natural hair will sing your praises.  To watch video on this Click here 

Sampoo it once in a while
I do not recommend shampooing your mane a lot. Depending on the protective style I’m sporting, you can shampoo it maximum twice a month (I co-wash more). When you shampoo, you want to opt for sulphate free. Sulphate is not a terrible thing, it’s a salt formulated to remove dirt and oils which is excellent for buildups on the scalp, but the downside is that it can strip out moisture (we’ve learnt how important that is) and after washing, your hair can become dry. On the other hand, sulphate free shampoos create more slip, making detangling easier and way more manageable. Winner. You can use this two sulphate free shampoos: 1. Crème of Nature Eden Hydrating Shampoo and 2. Giovanni Smooth as Milk Deep Moisture Shampoo. Whatever shampoo you choose, make sure you remember these words; for manageable hair go sulphate free. 

Beat scalp problems
High tension hairstyles such as braids look great, but are known to cause hair line problems and damage to the hair follicles. Using a scalp treatment regularly helps nourish the scalp, and stimulate hair growth. Try using good shampoo to purify the scalp, diffuse unsightly dandruff flakes, stimulate the scalp and unblock clogged hair follicles. Use pure - Royal scalp Treatment Or, try an invigorating anti dandruff shampoo to gently cleanse hair and eliminate that itchy scalp.

Untangle knots using product and a detangling comb.
 It’s important to untangle knots as soon as they form and before you wash your hair. Begin by spraying the knot with a mixture that is three parts water to one part olive or coconut oil. Apply your regular conditioner directly to the knot and from the roots of your hair to the tips on the knotted section. Then use your fingers to gently remove hair from the knot.

Use product that work for you
You know the type of products that has worked for you in the past and the ones that has caused a lot of trouble. So, you got to do the analysis yourself. But please try as much as you can to avoid heavy gels and hairsprays.  Instead, you should use natural oils, like olive, coconut, jojoba and avocado.

Sleep easy
Sleeping is pretty harmless, right? Wrong! The friction between brittle hair and a pillowcase could be more damaging than you’d expect.  Sleep on a silk pillowcase; this minimizes friction, big time. 


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