Day 2: The session that burst our brains!
Housemates got involved in a get to know me session that burst our brains. Kai, a lot was revealed!

In preparation for get to know me session on Thursday, Housemates paired up and shared their stories. This exercise was good for them but even better for us because we finally got a clearer understanding of what moulded them in their past, and what they desire for their future. Here is what we learned:

When it comes to being opposites, they don't come anymore different than Erica and Kiddwaya. Erica left home at 19 years of age and never looked back, while Kiddwaya feels taking your time to establish yourself is fine too.

When it comes to relationships, Vee and Prince are definitely on two different paths. Prince had a love affair that lasted 2 years, while Vee hasn't given her heart to anyone for longer than six months.

While chewing the fat, Eric learned that Laycon is a musician who, during the premiere of season five, used his own song as the soundtrack for his light filled entrance. He also has a deep love for Nina Simone. 

Laycon learned that if money was no object, Eric would buy a basketball team.Even though the Housemates were sharing truths, Kaisha found it hard to believe that Trikytee is 35 years-old. Kaisha asked him repeatedly, and each time she believed him less.  His youthful looks certainly had her fooled.


Nengi also let us into some of the struggles she has faced, after losing both of her parents. She wished that she had the superpower of time travel so that she could see her parents just one last time. Wathoni in return told Nengi that the reason she decided to enter Biggie's House, was so that she could let the world know she exists. "The world needs to know that this girl exists," shared Wathoni.

While chatting to Lucy, Brighto let it be known that he is multilingual and is able to speak Ibo, Hausa, and Yoruba. 
Kaisha let it slip that she's not as confident as she looks after struggling to take a compliment from Prince.
While touching base with Vee, Praise said that he is engaged and has a child with his partner of four years. His fiance permitted him to "be bad when you have to to be bad", and that revelation brought a smile to Vee's face.
 While chatting to chatting to Lucy, Ozo mentioned the importance of keeping a positive mind. This relaisation came to him after he lost his dream job as a Sports Administrator at the UEFA had to move back to Nigeria.
Lucy gave us our first on screen tears as she shared the difficulties that she has experienced in her life thus far.

Housemates shared quite a lot about themselves, so much so that we cannot possibly detail everything here. It is enough to say that this session gave us a lot of insight about them, that it bust our brains! Here's a recap of what happened in this video.

Neo'a DS

He is giving all HMs an open chance, a d he thinks they are all amazing. Everyone is giving him something he needs and telling him what he wants to hear. He Loooves it, like, luvvv it. He likes the swinging chair in the Diary Room. Compliments Biggie'staste, he's impressed. 

Thoughts on fellow HMs:

They are very respectful of your story, background and talent. They emit positive energy and he won't trade positive energy for anything. They are giving him good vibes and he is loving everyone's story.

Biggie: You seem to be smitten with other HMs?

Neo: Biggie use another word. That smitten, I don't understand 

Which HMs do you like?

Eric, Bright, TrikkyTee, Kiddwaya, Praise, Laycon 

For girls, Nengi (pretty girl with good attitude), Ka3na (because she be hustler), Vee, Dorathy (because she's funny). 

He has not called others because they have not really connected and they aren't top of his head. 

Thoughts on HoH game?

That was some cruise, real vibes. It was fun, na money carry am come, e pain am say e no win the HoH sha. He believes he made the thing entertaining, even if e no win. And the board was favoring him. He is here to entertain, and if he is doing that, he will not bother about anything else so much, whether e win HoH or lose am. It was all good luck sha. 
He feels good about everything, great, good, great, more good than bad.

This guy too forward, e don stand up like say e wan comot 

Chances of winning after 48hrs?

He won't say his chances are broad, because everyone has equal chances. He wants money, the platform is good too, but he really wants people to look at him and say he entertained them during the show. 

Isolation period?

He has never been in a situation he was locked down like that. However, he found that he needs him more than anything else. Everything he needs to keep him going is inside of him, he gained more self confidence. He also learnt he's a really Godly person, he's a preacher of love, not necessarily religious. He drew closer to God. 
He also learned a dance move from constantly trying it out in the bathroom (do not try this at home)

Anything Else?

He wan know if Biggie go pick offense if e call am Senior bros, as dem dey do am for Warri? 

Biggie: this house doesn't belong to senior bros, this is Big Brother's house

End of Session