Letter to Mr President, 10- year old girlwrites to Aso Rock on Covid-19 response

Amidst the uncertainties surrounding us with the burgeoning pandemic, a young 10-year old girl has decided to share her thoughts on what can be done to help salvage the situation.

We find it adorable that she penned down this beautiful letter to President Muhammadu Buhari, sharing experiences from her tenure as class captain in school along with valuable lessons she had learned from her school teacher and a book she read just so the president can get ideas to give us a better and happier life.

We found it hilarious that she is offering her pocket money if the President performs well. Well, one thing we are sure of is that this kid is definitely going to be a great leader; imagine incentivizing a task as a way of encouragement to get the task done. Impressive!




See the full  letter below:

Dear Mr. President,

How are you? I know you are very busy so I will just write everything in my mind.

I have been at home for two months and I miss my friends, my teacher, and my classmates. I am not happy.

In April, I heard we only had 1000 sick people but now, my mum says we have over 12,000 sick people with the Coronavirus and she bought  face masks for everybody in the house. She was teaching us how to use it. I want to see my friends, but I do not think it is safe for all of us.

I am reading a book on leadership. The name of the book is Alphabets of Leadership by Odunayo Sanya. It says everything about leadership in A B C. My class aunty bought it for me as a gift because she said I will make a good leader. I am the class captain in my class, that’s why Aunty calls me a leader. Does that mean we are the same thing? I hear my dad call you a leader too. 

Mr. President, in the book I read, I remember three things – Accomplishment, Focus, and No. I think a good leader should be able to have these things. Let me explain.

My classmates used to be noisemakers. My principal would always come to shout at my class teacher and punish everybody. As a class captain, I made sure that Sam, Daniel, and Kelechi were punished every time because they are the chief noisemakers. It did not take long, they realized their mistakes and now, my classmates behave themselves. 

My class teacher said I accomplished something great and rewarded me with a present. The present was the Alphabets of Leadership by Odunayo Sanya. She told me I could be a great leader. Mr. President, I think you can be too. The Coronavirus is spreading every day and I am scared. Is it something you can make go away?

Let me tell you how I made sure my class stopped being noisemakers. So, at that time, I would serve lots of punishment in one week even when it was not my fault! Then I will cry for a long time. 

My aunty was sad too because my principal blamed her for everything. When I became a class captain, I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to stop the flogging. I wanted my aunt to stop using the handkerchief to clean her face a hundred times. 

Like the author, Odunayo wrote, I never lost focus on my goal and when my friends would promise me, sweets, ice-cream and biscuits just to erase their names on the noisemaker list. I said No every time.

Mr. President, I think the secret is to stay focused and always know when to say No if it will not help you reach your goal. This way, you will accomplish something just like I did, and people will reward you. I will reward you.

I have been saving all my pocket money. If you take away the coronavirus and Nigeria becomes a safe place for everybody, I will dash you all my pocket money. I promise.

My name is Daniella and I am 10 years old.

God bless you, Mr. President!


I think the next step is to get that book the child read. I want to know how powerful it is to have inspired this letter to the President. Please, should anyone find a store where I can purchase the book – Alphabet of Leadership by one Odunayo Sanya, please tag me in it. It is definitely a must-read. I hope I am not disappointed, but I highly doubt it.

See images of the book and author below: