Total Lockdown: These 8 States Should Go On New Lockdown From Monday, 13th Of July 2020 (OPINION)

Recall, President Mohammadu Buhari earlier declared the closure of the country's economy and some other sectors such as religious gathering, interstate movements, education, markets, airports, offices, businesses and so on due the spread of the deadly coronavirus disease in the country.

Eventually, the Federal government approved the gradual relaxation of lockdown formerly placed on the country's economy and above mentioned sectors.

Ever since President Mohammadu Buhari approved the first and second phase of gradual easing of lockdown in Nigeria, cases of coronavirus pandemic in the country has been multiplying relentlessly and not showing any signs of slowing down.

Till date, Nigeria has now recorded over 31,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus disease and over 700 deaths yet the speed of the virus is not reducing in any way.

COVID-19 Case Updates- 10th July 2020,

  • Total Number of Cases – 31,323
  • Total Number Discharged – 12,795
  • Total Deaths – 709
  • Total Tests Carried out – 178,265

According to the NCDC, the 575 new cases are reported from 18 states- Lagos (224), Oyo (85), FCT (68), Rivers (49), Kaduna (39), Edo (31), Enugu (30), Delta (11), Niger (10), Katsina (9), Ebonyi (5), Gombe (3), Jigawa (3), Plateau (2), Nassarawa (2), Borno (2), Kano (1), Abia (1)

Meanwhile, the latest numbers bring Lagos state total confirmed cases to 12,051, followed by Abuja (2,433), Oyo (1,689), Edo (1,593), Delta (1,348), Rivers (1,343), Kano (1,303), Ogun (1,063),  Kaduna (946), Katsina (655), Ondo (606), Borno (586), Gombe (527), Bauchi (519), Ebonyi (508), Plateau (499), Enugu (469), Abia (402),  Imo (359), Jigawa (321).

All the states should not go on lockdown because there are some states that has lower rate of confirmed cases.

In my opinion, I propose that the Government should declear another lockdown on Lagos, FCT, Oyo, Edo, Delta, Rivers, Kano, and Ogun States as from Monday 13th of July 2020.

However, these states mentioned above has over 1000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, since there's no cure in Nigeria for coronavirus the only way to reduce the spread of the deadly disease in those states is to impose a fresh lockdown. If this is not done, residence of the above mentioned states would be in serious danger of contracting the deadly virus.

What's your opinion on this? Should those states go on a fresh lockdown or the residence should learn how to live with the virus.


  1. Which yeye lockdown is that...... If they try it eh! I believe the citizens of those states will not agree, most especially Lagos

  2. I hope you're okay??? People are dying of hunger you're here suggesting another total lockdown... We all should go out and start our daily bread abeg 😏 even your dead ass president is not abiding by the rule of covering nose and we the citizen are choking ourselves with nose cover... They've turned the Covid-19 issue to business and the didn't feel bad about it.... Well the thunder wey go strike Dem still dey do press up😏😏😏


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