Wumi Toriola Promises New Beginnings As She Enters Birthday Month

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted plans and taken the lives of loved ones bringing painand even hardship to some homes. In fact, there are those who have written the entire year – 2020 off as they feel nothing good will come out of itas the COVID-19 continues to spread in Nigeria. Not so for Yoruba movie actress, Wumi Toriola. She has been positive and sharing photos on her Instagram page in preparation for her birthdayand to mark the new month.

The award-winning thespian has promised new beginnings as she believes the magic in it is the most powerful of them all. As she prepares for her birthday July 11, she penned:
“The magic in new beginnings is truly the most powerful of them all. This is for a new phase, a new orientation, a new growth.
“Join me in this New journey as i welcome you to my birth month,a month of Perfection and a month of New beginning for me ..#newbeginnings #july11#cancerzodia#”
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