How To Make A Seven ( 7 ) Days Whitening Black Soap ( Quick Action) .

  Hello beautiful people, here I will teach you on how to make your whitening herbal soap from scratch. I know some people had problem on using cream,it later damage their  body.

 This soap I will be teaching you will be a very strong and effective soap with no negative side effects. This soap will going to be whitening your skin in seven (7) days, if you are the type that you don't like to apply body cream on your body, but you need a very strong soap to lighten or whiten up your complexion, then sit back and read this article to the end, because am going to tell you step by step on how to make this soap. Mind you this soap is a quick action soap, it will gives you result in seven (7) days.
    All you need to do is that make sure you exfoliate your skin twice in a week and use this soap and also get a good body oil to go with it, and you will be glad you did. Let me quickly take you to my work Station and introduce you to all ingredients I will be using for this formulation.

Ingredients and their measurements for this soap : 

1 : Africa Black Soap - 2 wraps
2 : Ghana White Soap - 10 Balls
3 : Anti Pimples Soap - 6 Balls
4 : 3 Days Pink Soap - 6 Balls
5 : Ozone Pink Soap - half
6 : Coconut Oil - 20ml
7 : Almond Oil - 20ml
8 : Herbal Water ( Eyin Around) - 60ml
9 : Egg White - 60ml
10 : Amla Powder (India Gooseberry) - 4tbs
11 : Whitening Vitamin C - 60ml
12 : Licorice Root - 4tbs
13 : Tumeric Powder - 3tbs
14 : Activated Charcoal - 2tbs
15 : Avocado powder - 2tbs
16 : Neem Powder - 2tbs
17 : 24 Hours Cleanser - 1Bottle
18 : Nature Secret - 50ml
19 : Glutathione Compreme Fort - 1 bottle
20 : Egg York Serum - 2tbs
21 : Labidjanaise lightening Serum - 2tbs
22 : Lactic Acid - 50ml
23 : Sandalwood Essential Oil - 1 teaspoon
24 : Tumeric Essential Oil - 1 teaspoon
25 : Watermelon Essential Oil - 1 teaspoon
26 : Starnise Essential Oil - 1 teaspoon
27 : Preservatives ( Optional)
28 : Fragrance ( Any flavor of your choice).

N : B   With all this ingredients, there is no side effects, the soap is tested and trusted. It is very strong and no negative side effects, all the ingredients used in this soap has their own function, if you are scare to use them, read function of some organic ingredients. You will understand what am saying.

Let get to main work.

Preparation : 

First sanitize your work surface and sterilize your equipment will be use for making the soap.

First Make use of your cooking pot, I recommend that for you, because it is very effective. Many people say that when you used cooking pot make Black soap,it kills the active ingredient,well I don't believe in that school of thought,have carried out experiment in both ways the one I used cooking pot for is very effective than the pot I kept for some days before using.

   Place your cooking pot on a table, put your Africa black soap in it, Add your Ghana White soap to it (make sure you scatter the soap, don't put it there as they packaged it)
 Add your pink ozone soap ( grate it into the already black soap). Add your anti pimples soap, Add your three days whitening soap, Add your Ghana white soap. Add honey to it to get melted, after that put it on fire on a low heat.

       After it has melted. Remove it on fire, add your Coconut Oil to it, almond oil,herbal water(Omi aro) ,egg white, whitening vitamin c, sandalwood powder, licorice Powder, camwood powder, advocado powder, Tumeric powder, Neem powder,  Amla powder, Activated charcoal, 
   So we have done with powder, let move to oil.

Add your 24 hours Cleanser, Nature Secret oil, Glutathione Compreme Fort, Egg York Serum, Labidjanaise oil, Lactic Acid. Add all the essential oil to it, add your Preservatives and your Fragrance, you can use any flavor of your choice.

      This is all the ingredients mixed them together ,so your whitening soap is ready for using. As simple as that.

     This soap is tested and trusted recipe. I didn't hide any recipe, these are correct recipe for your whitening soap. This is not your regular black soap, so don't underestimate it is strong and effective with no negative side effects.
      Go and try the soap and let me know how it works for you in the comment section.
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