How To Mix Africa Black For Glowing And Brighter Skin

What is the meaning of glowing skin 
Glowing skin is a healthy, pretty, clean and clear skin.
For those who have use lightening or whitening soap or cream, and it has worked perfectly for you, you need to maintain it, so that it won't get back to the First stage before cleansing your body, so you need glowing soap to help you to maintain your skin naturally. You also need to read this article.

     Here I will be teaching you a glowing black soap for adult( only), you can use it if you are 18 yrs plus. And it's also very safe and natural.

Ingredients and Measurements : 

1: Organic Black Soap - 1 quarter
2 : Ascorbic Acid - 1 tbs
3 : Orange Peel - 1 tbs
4 : Citric Acid - ½ tbs
5 : Camwood powder - ½ tbs
6 : Sulphur Powder - 1 teaspoon
7 : Tumeric Powder - 1 tbs
8 : Carrot Oil - ½ tbs
9 : lemon Oil - 1 tbs
10 : Honey - 3 tbs
11 : Glycerin - 1 teaspoon
12 : Preservatives 
13 : Fragrance

Preparation :
Use cooking pot to make it,it is very good to use cooking pot, if you're familiar with my article on making soap, i always recommend a cooking pot to mix any ingredients you will use.
   Always Clean your work surface and all the equipments you will be using.

     . Place your pot on the table, put your organic black soap in the pot,add the Ascorbic Acid, orange peel, citric acid ( don't use it for kids,this is very strong, though it is a mind natural acid,it is very important in this soap). Add your Camwood powder, sulpur powder, Tumeric powder.
Now that we are through with the powder ingredient let move to oil ingredients.
     N : B  Guys you need to be very careful when you are using oil in soap, so that it won't be too much in it, too much of it in the soap, may damage your skin and not form well. That's why I put all measurements i used for making this particular quantity of soap .

Add your carrot oil, lemon oil, put your honey and mix it together with your hand. If you are making a whitening or lightening soap,you are going to wear a hand glove, because to prevent dark knuckle. Mix it very well .
    Add your glycerin, Preservative and your Fragrance any flavor of your choice, mix it together again.
After mixing it, transfer it into a neat container, with this quantity it will last for two month, by using it both day and night.  Yes! 

This will give you a good looking skin like no spot,no bleamishes,no pigmentation, no wrinkles , no acne ,no pimples and other skin problem, this is safe , natural and no negative side effects, because all the ingredients mentioned above has it own properties and functions .

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