Less Than 24 Hours Eric Got Evicted, Twitter Fans Has Arranged His Wedding: See Invitation Card

Less than 24 hours Eric got evicted, Twitter fans has arranged their wedding see invitation card.

When you in a bad mood, there is no how you will go online after seeing people reactions and still remain sad, because you will definitely see something that will make you smile. Well less that 24 hours after Eric got evicted from BBNaija house, Twitter fans have arranged their wedding cards between him and Lilo.

We all know the relationship between the two parties, and mostly now that both of them got evicted they are now free to either continue their relationship or go their separate ways.

Based on the wedding card that was arranged by his Twitter fans, people have been reacting to it and many people find it funny and laughable at same time.

See reasons below. 

Based on the wedding cards, how do you see it?

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