An Anonymous Gave President Mohammed Buhari Last Warning

An Anonymous, Also known as hackers, has call out on President Mohammed Buhari, The president of Nigeria  that he should resign immediately, or else they will expose all FG financial corrupt and his committee secret out. 

This happened when The Anonymous warned the president Mohammed Buhari to cooperate with the people. But he ignore  them. 

They added that the Pharmacist council of Nigeria Official website, which is the centre base of pharmaceuticals In the country has been taken down. 

They also said they will upload a video (last warning video). If he didn't not resign immediately, they will take a hard step for the president. 

See what he write below:

Hello Nigeria...

The Phamasist Council of Nigeria Official website, Which is the Centre base of pharmaceuticals in the aforementioned country has been taken down now and the next would be your financial Slush Data base! In the next minutes, a final official warning video would be posted on this platform, this video is a direct message to the President in charge of the said country in the Western African Side Nigeria. 

Your continuous ignore to our warnings is not accepted and would be treated as such. Expect from us. 

It is either you cooperate with the people or you face the outcome which involves the expose of your financial corrupt dealings between yourself and your COHORTs, the misappropriation and mismanagement of Borrowed funds, above all, the classified secret agenda of extending your stay in power beyond 2023. We would advice your immediate resignation as these secrets would throw you *UNDER TRAIN*  if exposed. An attempt to wipe these informations is useless and entirely baseless as all information already is retrieved and with us. 

Visit our tweeter handle for more information on this @Anonymous #Endsars and #endpolicebrutalityinnigeria