How To Get Rid Of Acne With Two Ingredients

Tomatoes is not new to people for the use for cooking. 
Tomato is regarded as both a vegetable and a fruit. It is likewise an essential ingredient of cooking all over the world, especially in the Mediterranean areas.

Tomatoes are relatively simple to reproduce and they grow quickly, that is one of the reasons why tomato is an essential food for various nations.

Daily consumption of tomatoes provides a great improvement to health, and likewise improves the taste of your food.

Tomato is a nutritionally dense superfood that gives benefits to a spectrum part of your body operations, there are plenty of health advantages of tomato. 

But there's one particular advantage which has to do with the skin treatment properties if you apply it directly on your skin.

This actually affected an ounce of your appearance, if you try this tomato treatment,  it will  amazingly left your facial skin appearing bright and free of acne, free of dark spot. 

I'm going to share with you this remarkable recipe:

The components needed are brown sugar and 1 tomato fruit.

How to use

Chop the tomatoes into 2 halves.

Get a full spoon of brown sugar and put it inside a bowl.

Drench the chopped tomato inside your brown sugar.

Wipe it promptly on your face in orbits like manner.

Let it settle on your face for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Then wash it off with warm water. Note: (Do not use soap, use only water)

This needs consistency.

Do it for one month or two and begin to see the acne on your face vanish away totally. It could likewise be utilized as an exfoliator too. This tomato medication is another means to lighten up your face normally.

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