How To Remove Sun Burn With Palm oil

The term sunburn is associated with red darkish blister visible on the skin. It might be painful or swollen sometimes. The worst part is that it gives you a disgusting trademark that tends to make a person look ugly.

The causes of sunburns are excess sun ray exposure, using substandard cream, over usage of lightning cream or bleaching cream, etc. When sunburn is seen on the face, it is almost impossible to get rid of it, it tends to live a trademark on the face.

Here is an effective remedy to get rid of sunburns permanently.

The solution is palm oil. If the oil is too thick, put it under the sun so it would melt, but if its light, takeout the oil at the top of the bottle.

After bathing, and properly washing the affected part, put in your fingers into the palm oil, then apply gently on the affected part. Do this daily for 2 weeks and watch it fade out permanently.

Over time, so many persons have used this effective remedy I introduced to them, try it out and you will testify like others.

NOTE: It is important to stop applying harsh cream on your skin, so your skin can look healthy.

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