Let Fight For Our Future!

With the situation on ground now, my fellow Nigerians don't let us relent, we start this, please let finish it. 

This is our motherland, we have no where to go, we are fighting for our right, don't let them scare us,  we are the leaders of tomorrow, even today, we are the leaders, if we try our best and  pray. 

We all have to fight for ourselves,  for our kids, this people has taken us fool for far too long, they enslaved our fathers and mothers, even us, our kids future is at stake, our generation can be affected, if we don't do anything about it. 

Before we are fighting for this:
End police brutality 

But now that our political leaders for whom we entrusted our economic welfare, our lives in their care failed us, they are earning and spending our future. 

Now we change it to :

End fake leaders
No more suffering Smiling 
End police brutality 

Yesterday many lives are are armed, they shoot them, they firstly took out the cameras, they waited till it was dark, they turned off the billboard, the only source of light at the toll gate!  Then you began to shoot at unarmed civilians.  Let it be known that you do not care about NIGERIANS! let it be known that you are against the people. 

The governor of Lagos state Babajide Sanwo Olu visited the hospital where they are treating the injured people, he later annouced that no one has been killed in the attack, and those who are injured are slightly injured. 

Some Of Our leaders 


The fact that over 70 peoples, protesting unarmed were killed and many are in the hospital in critical condition, but our dear governor said no one died, this is unfair, this is hectic. You people should stop killing us, we are not animal, we are human being like you for Christ sake. The white in our flag that is  peace, now turn red πŸ”΄. 

.  Stop killing us
.  stop oppressing us
.  we are not animal 
.  it is our right to demand for change 
.  injustice 
.  unemployment 
.  corruption 
. SARS must go
. Enough is Enough 
. stop spending our future 
. we are creativities not criminals
. The police are robbing us
.  we are tired of the maltreated

I was almost giving up totally, absolutely nothing is working perfectly in this country! No good life, insecurities, poverty, unemployment, electricity is poor, no food, no good shelters. We are trying to create employment, better life for ourselves and our future, still everything remain the same. But now we Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ youth has wise up and our eyes are widely clear, we are ready to fight for our future. 

The power of the people is stronger than the people in power. The voice of the people is the voice of God, God  is with us. The revolution is here. 
Let fight for our future 
Our future is in our hand
We can do more 
Don't let us relent
We want new life 
New regime
So help us God

I Stan a generation that will lead Nigeria  to the promise  land. 


God bless Nigeria  πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ 
God bless the protester 
God bless the youth
May the soul of our past heroes rest in peace. 

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